Generation of Natural Flavors by Fermentation of Spices and Spice Residues with Edible Basidiomycetes

A research project at the University of Hohenheim, Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology.


The global demand of spice extracts used in the food sector generates vast amounts of spice residues after extraction, most of which are abandoned. Considering novel and sustainable food concepts the project will focus on two aspects: create novel spices with attractive flavors and sustainably generate high-value natural aroma extracts by recycling spice residues.

Generation of novel natural and sustainable flavors

For this, sets of edible basidiomycetes combining unique extracellular enzymes shall be adapted for submerged fermentation and solid state fermentation. In detail, the objectives of the project are addressed as follows:

  • Screening suitable combinations of edible basidiomycetes and substrates in submerged fermentation
  • Identification of aroma extracts and/or odorants with high economic value and/or board application field and/or high yield by means of sensory evaluation using panels and optimized instrumental analyses
  • Elucidation of the biogenetic pathways of interesting odorants in basidiomycetes for monitoring and regulating/optimization of the new fermentation system
  • Evaluation of the pomace of spices (w/wo mycelia) by sensory evaluation
  • Building up a proper solid state fermentation system with optimal basidiomycetes for developing novel spices directly applied in food processing and food storage
  • Assessment of upscale options for industrial applications

University of Hohenheim, Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology
Project Manager: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Yanyan Zhang (Director Department of Flavor Chemistry)

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